Shadowood CSA Details for Purchasing Produce (Season 7)

We have exciting new plans for our food sales this fall. The short version of the story: You make a commitment to us, we grow great food just for you! Since we're new to the CSA scene, we're limiting our Session #1 membership to 40 people.  There are a limited number of each share size available. Former Shadowood Gardeners and devoted Members from prior seasons were given advance registration privileges, so some shares were sold out prior to our public launch.

Share information

·         Mini Share: Great for one or two people who enjoy good salads but who may eat out a lot or don't need huge quantities of produce. This share will typically include 5-6 vegetable items plus 1 or 2 fresh herb items. If paid monthly, $16.50 per week=$66 per month ($198 per session). If paid by the 12-week session, $15.00 per week=$180 per 12-week session. SORRY, this share size is SOLD OUT for Session #1. Please e-mail us if you'd like to add your name to our waiting list, or find a friend to split the Regular Share with you. 

·         Regular Share: Perfect for 2-4 people who eat and enjoy a variety of produce every day.  This share will typically include 8-10 items plus 3-4 herb items. If paid monthly, $27.50 per week=$110 per month ($330 per session). If paid by the 12-week session, $25 per week=$300 per 12-week session. As of August 22nd, there are 13 shares available.

·         Jumbo Share: This share will typically include 8-10 items plus 3-4 herb items but double the quantities of a regular share. If paid monthly, $52.25 per week=$209 per month ($627 per session). If paid by the 12-week session, $47.50 per week=$570 per 12-week session. As of August 22nd, there are 3 shares available.

·         Juicer’s Share: Each week this share will be stocked with a variety of nutrient-dense leafy greens and vegetable and herb items most commonly used by serious juicers and smoothie fans. The quantities included in our Juicer’s Share are intended for one or two people who enjoy juice or smoothies regularly.  If paid monthly, $38.50 per week=$154 per month ($462 per session).  If paid by the 12-week session, $35 per week=$420 per 12-week session. As of August 22nd, there are 3 shares available.


Shadowood-Grown Produce

 The following is a list of items typically grown at the farm each season. Additional items not mentioned may be available during the season. Not all of the items listed are ready or available at all times. The variety of Shadowood-grown items in Member Shares will increase as the season progresses.

Arugula, 2-3 types

Basil, 3-4 types

Banana, 13-15 types

Beans, 8-10 types (Note: we do not grow beans suitable for drying such as black beans or lentils.)

Beets, 4-5 types, Gold, Reds, Striped

Broccoli, 2 types

Broccoli Raab

Cabbage, Pak Choi, Napa Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage

Carrots, 5-7 types

Cauliflower, Romanesco

Chard, 3 types



Collards, 2 types

Cucumbers, 3 types


Edible Flowers, 3-7 types

Eggplants, 3-5 types, Asian and Italian

Fennel, Bulbing and Herb

Greens, Asian: Tat Soi, Mizuna, Senposai, Komatsuna, and more!

Greens, Mustard, 3-5 types

Kale, 3-5 types

Kohlrabi, 2 types


Lettuces, 10-15 types

Mint, 2-4 types

Moringa Leaves


Onions, Scallion, 2-3 types

Onions, Sweet, 3-5 types



Parsley, 2 types

Passion Fruit, Red

Peas, Snow and Sugar Snap

Peppers, Sweet and Hot

Plantain, 3-4 types

Potatoes, Sweet, 4 types

Radish, 4-5 types



Sprouts, Pea and Sunflower

Squash, Yellow, Zucchini, 2-4 types (no winter squashes)

Thyme, 1-2 types

Tomatillos, 2-3 types

Tomatoes, Cherry, 3-4 types

Tomatoes, Heirloom and Full-Size, 7-10 types

Turnips, 1-2 types


Note: Other commonly-desired vegetable and herb items not on this list will be brought in from Certified-Organic growers. Early in the season when our food quantities are still low, we will be bringing in quite a bit from our suppliers to make sure that our Members have a nice variety of things in their weekly share.



 For the last two years, we’ve been busy planting sub-tropical and tropical fruits and other perennial culinary species around the farm. Though our availability will be limited this season, we will hope to include more of these delicacies in the years to come.

·         At times we will bring in fruits from Certified-Organic growers to include in your shares. We usually order seasonal items that we can offer to you at reasonable prices (no $8 strawberries!).

·         At times local fruits from our home gardening friends will also be available.


general information

·         There will be two twelve-week sessions for our Supporting Membership Shares: Session #1 will run from October 16th, 2016 through January 7th, 2017, with a closing the week of December 25th through December 31st. Session #2 will run from January 8th, 2017 through April 1st, 2017.

·         Each Member is asked to make a minimum twelve-week commitment to purchasing produce at the farm. Members can choose from a monthly payment plan or pay for the entire 12-week session up front (at an additional 10% savings).

·         Shadowood shares are value-based. Some CSAs offer either a half-bushel or a full-bushel box; others simply offer shares with an undisclosed quantity. Our program will offer multiple veggies that will equal a specific dollar value according to the share type that you purchase. The variety of items included in those shares will again be determined by the type of share to which you commit (see share info below). Our fully-automated ordering system will provide Members with the quantities of items included in their share each week. As the season progresses, our plants become more productive, and our bag and bundle sizes will increase, but in most cases, the per-bag or per-bundle prices of Shadowood-grown food will remain the same.

·         Members will be able to make changes to their share content each week should they so choose. Each week, Members are given a list of pre-selected items and quantities. Members can then make changes by either increasing or decreasing the number and type of items we offer that week. If Members don’t make changes through our online system by the deadline date, they will receive the pre-selected share that week.

·         Unlike typical CSAs, the Shadowood program is risk-free for our Members. If we have a total crop-failure, we will broker-in foods from Certified-Organic sources to meet our obligations to Members until such time as our crops are thriving again.

·         We believe in full food disclosure. All food included in our weekly Membership Shares will be GMO-free and grown using either fullly organic practices or purchased from Certified-Organic growers. 

·         All Shadowood-grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits are grown using fully sustainable practices, but the farm is NOT certified organic. In our food garden beds, ONLY organic starter plants, seeds, fertilizers and OMRI rated pest control products are used. We invite all interested parties to visit the farm to see how we do things and examine the products used in our food production spaces. There are multiple reasons we’ve decided not to become certified organic and we’re happy to have that full conversation with you in person.

·         Your weekly produce share bag would include Shadowood grown vegetable and herbs, and at times, certain vegetables/herbs from other US growers. Experience has taught us that though most people say they want to “eat locally”, most people want what they want, when they want it.  With this in mind, we attempt to make our Members happy by bringing things in from other organic growers to fill in our food production gaps.

·         Any produce that we broker in from other regional or US growers and include in our weekly produce shares ARE from Certified Organic growers. Members will always be informed of items that are Shadowood grown and those that are brokered in. People who are fully committed to local food only can tailor their weekly share accordingly. It should be noted that early in the season, we will have to broker in more food than we will as the season progresses.

·         Supporting Members will also have the option of adding items like eggs, meats and fermented items to their orders. Currently, the Eggs we offer are local, free range, but NOT organic. Grass fed/finished Beef is brought in once or twice a month and advance orders are required.

·         Members will currently have two pick-up options: Thursdays at a downtown Stuart location and Thursdays through Saturdays at the farm. If we have enough requests, we will consider offering a Jensen pick up on Thursdays as well. It has also been suggested that we offer a more central Palm City pick up location and we are receptive to this, so let us know what works best for you.

·         If you travel or run into a situation where you won’t need your shares every week, we do have a few options in place for you. If a Member will be out of town or needs to skip a week here and there, you can either: double up on your share a different week, and/or “carry over” your share for two weeks at the end of each session. Session #1 people would be able to carry over their shares into weeks one and two of the second session. Season #2 people would be able to extend their shares into the first two weeks of April.  You can “gift” your share to a friend or family member, as long as you let us know who they are and they are willing to pick up your share. OR, we can donate your share to a local non-profit group.

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