YES! We do offer organic food gardening supplies to the general public.

At Shadowood, we carry a full line of organic gardening supplies for home gardeners and our Shadowood Gardeners.  We have lots of retail hours and products during the months of September and October (when people should be starting their fall gardens in South Florida). We carry organic seeds; starter plants; organic potting soils; bulk garden soil; OMRI listed pest and fungal control products; fertilizers; starter trays; fabric grow bags; plant markers; sprayers and more. As of November 1st, we begin to limit our retail hours and things like starter plants become less prevalent. If you’re looking for something in particular, feel free to send us an e-mail before you visit the farm. We’ll gladly let you know if we currently have it in stock. We do not produce any annual vegetable starter plants for retail sales (such as tomatoes, lettuces, etc.) after February 15th; as the S.Florida growing season for annual vegetable plants ends in late April/May.

If you are new to vegetable gardening in this part of Florida: The prime growing months for annual vegetables are late September through April/early May. Only tropical, perennial vegetables will grow here in the summer months. If you have not started your annual vegetable garden by January 15th, there may not be enough time for crops to mature before the summer heat sets in.

The farm is open to the public for garden supply purchases. Please see our Contact Us/Hours Page for our current retail hours. 

Preferred methods of payment are cash or paper check.

Seeds and Starter Plants Currently Available

Over 100 varieties of Renee's Garden Vegetable, Herb and Edible Flower Seeds

Over 40 varieties of High Mowing Vegetable, Herb and Edible Flower Seeds

It's fall gardening season and our Vegetable and Herb Starter Plants are flying off the benches! Each open pollinated, organic seed is started with loving care in organic soil by the owners hands. We're about as low tech as you can get around here, so there are no potting machines, no crews, no growth regulators or hormones, just good dirt, good seed and a little bit of organic worm castings. All of our plants are priced lower than local chain stores. We have loads of seeds in stock, but our starter plants are limited. In our experience, it's much better to direct sow (start directly in your garden or pots) things like arugula, beans, beets, carrots, cucumbers, most lettuces, most Asian greens, radishes, squash and turnips- which is why you typically won't see these things on our starter plant list.

Here's what we have entering this week of October 9th,2017:

Codes: VL= Very Limited, 5 or less in stock;  L= Limited, 6-10 in stock; any plant without either of those codes means we have 10 or more in stock.

Tomatoes, Currently in 3 inch pots

San Marzano VL; Sungold Cherry VL; Stupice VL; Japanese Black Trifele VL; Aunt Ginny VL; Arkansas Marvel L; Azoychka L; Skyway VL; Green Zebra VL; Black Boar L; Peron L; Snow White VL; Lee Caval L; Marvel Stripe L; Black Cherry VL; Black Zebra L; Pandorino VL; Supersweet 100 VL; Big Orange Stripe VL. Note our next crop will be ready towards mid-lateNovember.

Peppers, Currently in 3 inch pots

Mostly sold out. Too few left to mention...Note our next crop will be ready towards mid-lateNovember.

Eggplants, Currently in 3 inch pots

Ping Tung; Violeta Lunga VL; Nadia VL; Beatrice VL; Black Beauty L. Note our next crop will be ready towards mid-lateNovember.

Cruciferous Plants, Some in 3 inch, some in 4 packs

Purple Cauliflower; Snowball Cauliflower; Romanesco Cauliflower L; Caraflex Cabbage L; Famosa Cabbage L; Red Express Cabbage; All Seasons Broccoli VL; DeCicco Broccoli L; Lacinato Kale; Ready Next Week: Curly Roja Kale and Darkibor

Greens, Currently in 6 packs or 4 packs

Stirfry Blend L; Georgia Collards L. Note: More crops ready in early November.

Lettuces, currently in 6 packs or 4 packs

New Red Fire L; Concept L

We are currently open to the public for retail sales Wednesday through Friday from 10-5:30, as well as Saturdays from 10-1. Because our mark ups are so low, we greatly appreciate payments of cash or paper checks to help us avoid credit and debit card fees.