Organic Garden Supplies

At Shadowood, we carry select organic gardening supplies for home gardeners and our Shadowood Gardeners. Want to grow the most organic way possible? Get your supplies from this certified organic farm and use what we use! As the growing season approaches, here’s the run down of what we have and why.

Starting in mid-August:

  • Our fall seeds begin to arrive! We currently stock a wide selection of seeds from both High Mowing Seed and Renee’s Garden. We also have other seed starting products such as seed starter soils, labels and containers.

  • Our fall soil orders arrive! You can purchase soil for your garden or containers with bulk or bagged products. Due to limited storage and financial resources, we do not have unlimited quantities available. If you need more than 4 or 5 cubic foot bags of soil, be sure to call to reserve it. Fabric Gro-Bags also arrive for those who want an economical way to grow.

Starting in mid-September:

  • Our organically grown fall starter plant crops become available for purchase! We’re always on the lookout for ONLY non-GMO, new reliable varieties, as well as treasured heirloom seeds. We produce our starter plants with seeds from wonderful companies like Southern Exposure Seed Exchange; Tomato Fest; Johnny’s Select Seeds; Baker Creek Rare Seeds and more! All of our starter plants are grown using organic (OMRI listed)soil, fertilizers and pest control products. We limit our starter plant production to plants that perform well, short term, in starter pot containers. At this point we’re also fully stocked with organic growing supplies like fertilizers and pest control products.

By early November:

  • Our more cold loving starter plants are ready.

By mid-December:

  • We’re slowing down our starter plant production. If you want to have a successful garden, you really should be planted by now!

If you are new to vegetable gardening in this part of Florida: The prime growing months for annual vegetables are late September through April/early May. Only tropical, and some perennial vegetables will grow here in the summer months. If you have not started your annual vegetable garden by January 15th, there may not be enough time for crops to mature before the summer heat, humidity and chronic pest issues set in.

By late January, we are no longer actively producing annual vegetable starter plants for sale to the public. All remaining starter plant (other than herbs) in stock are placed on sale at a discount or donated to local charity gardens. We do not believe it is ethical to sell plants to people at inappropriate times of the growing season. Period.

Preferred methods of payment are cash or paper check.