At Shadowood, we carry select organic gardening supplies for home gardeners and our Shadowood Gardeners.  We have retail hours and products during the months of September and October* (when people should be starting their fall gardens in South Florida), other months, retail items are available by appointment only. We carry organic seeds; starter plants; bagged organic potting soil*; bulk garden soil*; OMRI listed pest and fungal control products; fertilizers; starter trays; fabric grow bags*; plant markers; sprayers and more. As of November 1st, we limit our retail hours and things like starter plants become less prevalent. Regardless of the time of year, if you’re looking for something in particular, feel free to send us an e-mail before you visit the farm. We’ll gladly let you know if we currently have it in stock. We do not produce any annual vegetable starter plants for retail sales (such as tomatoes, lettuces, etc.) after February 15th; as the S.Florida growing season for annual vegetable plants ends in late April/May.

* Due to the chain store mentality of the general public and a lack of reliable retail shoppers, we limit our retail sales hours and our "in stock" products. Soil, grow bags, bulk fertilizers and some starter plants are advance order items (2 weeks notice for soils).

If you are new to vegetable gardening in this part of Florida: The prime growing months for annual vegetables are late September through April/early May. Only tropical, perennial vegetables will grow here in the summer months. If you have not started your annual vegetable garden by January 15th, there may not be enough time for crops to mature before the summer heat, humidity and chronic pest issues set in. 

Preferred methods of payment are cash or paper check.