10/8/17 Starter Plant Availability

It's fall gardening season and our Vegetable and Herb Starter Plants are flying off the benches! Each open pollinated, organic seed is started with loving care in organic soil by the owners hands. We're about as low tech as you can get around here, so there are no potting machines, no crews, no growth regulators or hormones, just good dirt, good seed and a little bit of organic worm castings. All of our plants are priced lower than local chain stores. We have loads of seeds in stock, but our starter plants are limited. In our experience, it's much better to direct sow (start directly in your garden or pots) things like arugula, beans, beets, carrots, cucumbers, most lettuces, most Asian greens, radishes, squash and turnips- which is why you typically won't see these things on our starter plant list. Here's what we have entering this week:

Codes: VL= Very Limited, 5 or less in stock;  L= Limited, 6-10 in stock; any plant without either of those codes means we have 10 or more plants or packs in stock.

Tomatoes, Currently in 3 inch pots

San Marzano VL; Sungold Cherry VL; Stupice VL; Japanese Black Trifele VL; Aunt Ginny VL; Arkansas Marvel L; Azoychka L; Skyway VL; Green Zebra VL; Black Boar L; Peron L; Snow White VL; Lee Caval L; Marvel Stripe L; Black Cherry VL; Black Zebra L; Pandorino VL; Supersweet 100 VL; Big Orange Stripe VL. Note our next crop will be ready towards mid-lateNovember.

Peppers, Currently in 3 inch pots

Mostly sold out. Too few left to mention...Note our next crop will be ready towards mid-lateNovember.

Eggplants, Currently in 3 inch pots

Ping Tung; Violeta Lunga VL; Nadia VL; Beatrice VL; Black Beauty L. Note our next crop will be ready towards mid-lateNovember.

Cruciferous Plants, Some in 3 inch, some in 4 packs

Purple Cauliflower; Snowball Cauliflower; Romanesco Cauliflower L; Caraflex Cabbage L; Famosa Cabbage L; Red Express Cabbage; All Seasons Broccoli VL; DeCicco Broccoli L; Lacinato Kale; Ready Next Week: Curly Roja Kale and Darkibor

Greens, Currently in 6 packs or 4 packs

Stirfry Blend L; Georgia Collards L. Note: More crops ready in early November.

Lettuces, currently in 6 packs or 4 packs

New Red Fire L; Concept L

We are currently open to the public for retail sales Wednesday through Friday from 10-5:30, as well as Saturdays from 10-1. Because our mark ups are so low, we greatly appreciate payments of cash or paper checks to help us avoid credit and debit card fees.




September Hours

September 2017

Due to hurricane Irma, parking will be an issue here until the grounds dry out, so please pay attention to signs when you arrive. Be sure to wear shoes that can get muddy and WATCH YOUR STEP! It will take us a couple of months to clean up all of our storm damage.

The farm will re- open on Saturday, September 16th from 10AM until 1PM. We will be conducting a workshop between 10 and 11:30, so unless you are attending that workshop, it would be best to plan your visit for retail items between 11:30 and 1PM.

For the remainder of September 2017, our public hours to purchase items for organic gardening will be Tuesdays through Fridays from 10AM until 5:30PM; as well as Saturdays from 10AM until 1PM. Shadowood grown produce will not be ready for sale until late October/early November.

During our public hours, visitors are welcome to take a self guided tour of the farm. Please check in at the pole barn and ring the bell when you arrive. To be totally honest, if you're just looking for something interesting to do, there's really not much to see here until November. Our annual vegetable and herb gardens are not planted until late September and will not have edible food in them until late October/early November.


Farm Opening Delayed Due To Hurricane Irma

The farm was scheduled to re-open for the season as of Wednesday, September 13th. Due to the pending arrival of Hurricane Irma this weekend, we are moving our opening day until Saturday, September 16th at 10AM. Since we may be without phone, power and Internet service for an extended period of time, just know that we will be here from 10-1 on Saturday, September 16th and the gate will be open. We will also be open the following week Tuesday, September 19th through Friday, September 22nd from 10AM until 5:30; as well as on Saturday, September 23rd from 10-1. Know that we will follow that same Tuesday through Saturday schedule for the remainder of September for retail sales, workshops, etc. If we are without power, we will be unable to communicate with you directly or accept any credit or debit card payments. But we will be here!

Early Bird Retail Sales

It's time to start stocking up on your organic fall gardening supplies! We're offering a 3 day retail sales event for those of you who want to get a jump on your fall garden prep. Come visit us on Thursday, August 3rd; Friday, August 4th from 10AM until 6PM; as well as on Saturday, August 5th from 10AM until 1PM. We'll have garden soil (bagged and bulk), seed starter soil, seed starter trays, quite a few seeds, and plant labels in stock. Please note: 1) Our starter plants will NOT be ready until mid-late September. 2) Some seeds may not arrive until early September when we officially re-open for the season. 

Food Garden Planning Workshop

The time to start your fall vegetable and herb gardens is just around the corner! If you'd like some guidance to prepare for this growing season, then we're here to help.

Our Food Garden Planning Workshop is designed to help people learn the best way to utilize their current garden space or patio pots for the upcoming growing season. Topics will include space utilization, basic design/layout, companion planting, which veggies are best started from seed and which things are best from starter plants. Though this will begin as a group workshop, we'll be happy to assist attendees individually as well. All Shadowood workshops are designed for those who wish to garden organically. This workshop is for adults. Bring a pad, pencil and any seed packets you've already purchased. We strongly advise waiting to purchase seeds until AFTER you attend the workshop, since most people have the tendency to over buy. Note that retail, organic growing supplies such as soils, seeds, plant labels, etc. are available for sale here at the farm.

We'll offer the exact same workshop TWICE. The fee is $10 per person plus online service charges. Advanced ONLINE Registration is REQUIRED 24 hours prior to the workshop.

The first option is for Thursday, August 3rd from 6:30 until 7:30PM. To purchase tickets, click here.

The second option is for Saturday, August 5th from 10 until 11 AM. To purchase tickets, click here.




WORKSHOP: Planning For Your Fall Garden

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 from 10AM until Noon. Tickets $25 each plus $2.22 handling fee. Ticket deadline, Friday, May 5th at 7PM.

Learn to grow beautiful food at Shadowood!

Learn to grow beautiful food at Shadowood!

Wanting to grow organic vegetables and herbs at home? Already a home gardener who wants to learn about what you should be doing over the summer months? This comprehensive workshop will help you with both!
Preparing for an organic, fall garden isn't rocket science, but there's just not a lot of good information out there for south Florida gardeners. We purposely offer this workshop in early May for two reasons: 1) So that new organic gardeners can spend the summer preparing their new beds or containers; 2) So that existing gardeners can properly tend to their soil in anticipation of another growing season and plan a great garden.
During this two hour workshop, we'll discuss various styles of containers and raised beds; soil, composting; cover crops and garden planning.
This workshop is designed for adults.

For Tickets:





Fun Farm Dinner on 2/11/17

Saturday, February 11th was a lovely, full moon night at the farm. Though not everyone was able to attend, sixty one Shadowood Gardeners and Supporting Members gathered for our Season #7 Annual Potluck to celebrate the amazing food we grow here! How wonderful it was to know exactly where all of the organic produce on our plates came from.

There were lots of loving hearts and helping hands that made our evening complete. Shadowood Gardeners contributed fresh produce from their gardens and many folks chipped in to help with everything from table and chair moving, to flower arranging, food preparation, clean up and bonfire building!

The evening began with Fresh Smoked Fish Dip, Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms, Falafel Balls with Hummus; Fresh Hummus boats of Pak Choi and Lacinato Kale; Freezer Pickles, two kinds offresh Salsa; a Crudite of mixed Radishes, Romanesco Cauliflower and baby Carrots; Shadowood Slaw; Bulbing Fennel & Cara Cara Orange Salad; roasted Red & Gold Beets (some topped with organic goat cheese); Sinful Collard Greens....; Spicy Chili with grassfed beef and loads of Shadowood hot peppers; Vegan Chili; sauteed Swiss Chard with Balsamic glaze. Five of our people proved that there is more than one way to cook up some totally yummy cornbread. Former Gardener, now Supporting Member Anne Smith even made sure that her batch was 100% organic and made her own creamed corn to finish out her Caribbean recipe! And then there were the deserts...Holy Moly! If we listed them all, it would be cruel for those reading. Let's just say that there were more than ample delicious choices for vegans, gluten free folks, light weights and heavy weights too.

This was a private farm event (not open to the public), but stay tuned for future farm events where the public is welcome.

Slow Food U-Drive Farm Tour on February 18th

Slow Food Gold and Treasure Coast will host their 6th annual U-Drive Farm Tour on Saturday, February 18th, 2017. This tour spans three counties and gives people an opportunity to visit local farms, gardens and businesses who all support the Slow Food movement.

As an organization, Slow Food inspires individuals and communities to change the world through food that is good, clean and fair for all. Slow Food USA is part of the global Slow Food movement creating dramatic change in more than 160 countries. In the US, there are more than 150 local chapters and 6,000 members.

This year the tour will include: six locations in Indian River County; five in St.Lucie County and four in Martin County. Shadowood Farm will welcome Slow Food visitors between the hours of 11AM and 1PM for self guided tours.

While visiting the Shadowood Farm gardens, our Shadoodwood Saturday Market will be in full swing on the 18th. You'll have the chance to purchase wonderful organic produce and chat with other local vendors as well. (Please bring insulated bags for produce and know that all produce sales are cash only.)

As an added bonus, Snail of Approval Award winner, Jennifer Holmes of Hani Honey will be here at the farm.Jennifer is a UFIFAS Master Beekeeper, Welsh Honey Judge, and Vice President for the Treasure Coast Beekeepers Association and the Florida State Beekeepers Association. Jennifer is passionate about honey bees and all pollinators. Providing Native forage and an edible landscape in her apiaries and maintaining honey bee colonies in community gardens for the benefit of pollination and educating others about keeping honey bees, is held foremost in her activities. Jennifer will be sharing her bee-u-tiful knowledge with farm guests between the hours of 11AM and 1PM.

To learn more about Slow Food Gold and Treasure Coast and see a complete tour guide for all area participants,  visit: http://www.slowfoodgtc.org/

To learn more about Slow Food USA, visit:  https://www.slowfoodusa.org/