Reflections of Season #8 (September 2017 to May 2018)

Our 8th season of collective gardening was SO darn busy, that we never had time to share things on our website the way we would have liked to...

Sometimes we forget that folks who aren't on Facebook or Instagram never get to see our photos. So, right before Season #9 is about to begin, we've decided to share some of our favorite reflections of Season #8!

The season started out with a bang. You gotta love a hurricane just as you're trying to re-open for the growing season, but we're so fortunate that our damages were minimal. We limited the number of gardens we rented and had a wonderful, cohesive group. We were thankful that Nathaniel left Miami and came back to continue his passions at the farm in October. We waited FOREVER (like til February) for our tomato crops and hot peppers to come in. For the very first time, we had wonderful success with Brussel's Sprouts and Radicchio. We adored the new varieties of carrots, purple cauliflowers and radishes that we grew. We can't begin to tell you how angry we were when the darn squirrels at every single peach from our grove. War has been declared. We finally got our new event platform built where our original farm compost pile (that we lovingly called, "Zeke's Heap") used to be. We thoroughly enjoyed having our otter friends come back again this spring to play in the pond. It was very cool to see the giant harvests that Nathaniel is starting to yield from his perennial food plants. We were extremely proud of the work we did with Slow Food Gold and Treasure Coast and happy that our Shadowood family was able to raise over $1,000 for the organization. We were once again honored to have such devoted friends, especially Sloan Wainwright, who made our Evening of Music and Vegetables a reality. It was good to get the compost pile moved away from the barn by the end of the season and we look forward to filling it soon. In spite of a rocky start (on so many levels), the food we grew was delicious and plentiful.

Our thanks to Peaches Sappington for the photos of artwork done by the Plein Air group from Art Associates of Martin County; and to Matthew Stover for the photos from our Evening of Music and Vegetables event. All other photos taken by Sarah Fenton.