September Hours

September 2017

Due to hurricane Irma, parking will be an issue here until the grounds dry out, so please pay attention to signs when you arrive. Be sure to wear shoes that can get muddy and WATCH YOUR STEP! It will take us a couple of months to clean up all of our storm damage.

The farm will re- open on Saturday, September 16th from 10AM until 1PM. We will be conducting a workshop between 10 and 11:30, so unless you are attending that workshop, it would be best to plan your visit for retail items between 11:30 and 1PM.

For the remainder of September 2017, our public hours to purchase items for organic gardening will be Tuesdays through Fridays from 10AM until 5:30PM; as well as Saturdays from 10AM until 1PM. Shadowood grown produce will not be ready for sale until late October/early November.

During our public hours, visitors are welcome to take a self guided tour of the farm. Please check in at the pole barn and ring the bell when you arrive. To be totally honest, if you're just looking for something interesting to do, there's really not much to see here until November. Our annual vegetable and herb gardens are not planted until late September and will not have edible food in them until late October/early November.