Fun Farm Dinner on 2/11/17

Saturday, February 11th was a lovely, full moon night at the farm. Though not everyone was able to attend, sixty one Shadowood Gardeners and Supporting Members gathered for our Season #7 Annual Potluck to celebrate the amazing food we grow here! How wonderful it was to know exactly where all of the organic produce on our plates came from.

There were lots of loving hearts and helping hands that made our evening complete. Shadowood Gardeners contributed fresh produce from their gardens and many folks chipped in to help with everything from table and chair moving, to flower arranging, food preparation, clean up and bonfire building!

The evening began with Fresh Smoked Fish Dip, Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms, Falafel Balls with Hummus; Fresh Hummus boats of Pak Choi and Lacinato Kale; Freezer Pickles, two kinds offresh Salsa; a Crudite of mixed Radishes, Romanesco Cauliflower and baby Carrots; Shadowood Slaw; Bulbing Fennel & Cara Cara Orange Salad; roasted Red & Gold Beets (some topped with organic goat cheese); Sinful Collard Greens....; Spicy Chili with grassfed beef and loads of Shadowood hot peppers; Vegan Chili; sauteed Swiss Chard with Balsamic glaze. Five of our people proved that there is more than one way to cook up some totally yummy cornbread. Former Gardener, now Supporting Member Anne Smith even made sure that her batch was 100% organic and made her own creamed corn to finish out her Caribbean recipe! And then there were the deserts...Holy Moly! If we listed them all, it would be cruel for those reading. Let's just say that there were more than ample delicious choices for vegans, gluten free folks, light weights and heavy weights too.

This was a private farm event (not open to the public), but stay tuned for future farm events where the public is welcome.