The Making of Mead Workshop, January 19th at 6PM

Jennifer Holmes of Hani Honey Company will present a fun and informative workshop, The Making of Mead on Thursday, January 19th at 6PM at Shadowood Farm. This lecture/workshop is part of Slow Food Gold and Treasure Coast's "FOOD TALKS". Here is your chance to join Slow Food for any amount.  A member can attend the Food Talks for only $5.00.  Be sure to follow the link below to join Slow Food and remember to list Gold & Treasure Coast FL as your local chapter.  Join Here:

Mead is considered one of the oldest wines made by man. Many cultures in ancient times did not have access to fruit and sugar, but did harvest honey, one of the earliest sweetening agents available containing fermentable sugars.
Honey is nectar, a sugary liquid produced by flowers in order to attract insects, along with pollen that is transferred into it by the bee that collects it, and enzymes from the bee that drinks the nectar and transfers it back into the hive for ripening into Honey. The color, aroma, consistency, and flavor can vary from plant to plant, and is completely affected by terroir and conditions of both insect and environment.

Let's share some time together exploring both Mead and Honey, and enjoy the discovery our senses allow as we talk and taste many Florida varieties of Mead and Honey, and discuss pairing these delicious discoveries with food.

During her past bee oriented workshops at the farm, Jennifer always provides loads of wonderful information to her audience. Her devotion to a healthy honey bee population is an inspiration to all in her orbit!

If you attend,  know that you're coming to an outdoor event at a farm. Please wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and close toed shoes. A flashlight will be helpful for getting back to your vehicle after the workshop ends.

Remember, this is a Slow Food sponsored event and when you become a member of Slow Food, you enable networking from field to fork, and show children and adults how to love the earth and defend the future. Together, let's resolve to listen to the real experts, to gather together, to share our food, and to go Slow. all Sheryl Paul of Slow Food Gold & Treasure Coast at 772-359-0899 with any questions.