Shadowood Farm Organic Food Guild Registration Form


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Phone Number
If you already shop at the farm, how many times a season do you typically shop?
Our regular growing season is October through mid-May. Please respond accordingly.
Your Guild level can be adjust up or down during the season, this is just to choose the dollar amount you anticipate spending weekly and would like to register for at this time. A three month commitment is required, but payments are billed monthly.
Please list the vegetables that you NEVER eat and be VERY specific about this. As an example, don't just say "lectins"; be sure to list each item in that family that you do not eat.
Vegetables and Herbs that you eat on a regular basis. *
Please check all items that apply.
Fruits that you eat on a regular basis. *
Please check all that apply, but do not check items that you only eat once in a while.
Please list the days of the week and times that it would be most convenient for you to shop at the farm. Our new fall hours will be based on the majority of responses.
The Shadowood Farm Organic Food Guild program will begin Friday, November 1st, 2019. By completing this registration form, I agree to participate in the Guild for a designated monthly dollar minimum, due within the first 5 days of each month, for a minimum of three months. ~ Only certified organic foods will be provided, unless otherwise labeled. ~Produce available to me will be a combination of Shadowood Farm grown and other staple items that are brokered in from other farms/suppliers. ~ A computerized record will be kept for my account. My purchases will be deducted from my credit balance each week. ~ I am not required to spend the exact same amount each week, but am required to fulfill my financial obligation by the end of the month. ~ If I will be out of town, I will notify the farm in advance. I understand that I may double up in other weeks or designate an alternate shopper who has permission to use my credit in my absence. ~I understand that there will be no refunds for prepaid credits not used by the end of the month. ~If I purchase more than my prepaid amount, any overages will be included on my next invoice.