Question: Why don't you people have "normal" business hours? I drove ALL the way out there and the gate was closed.

Answer:  Our public hours are always posted on our website, our Facebook page and on our gate sign.  Believe us when we say, we'd love to have "normal" business hours and unlimited time to chat. There are only two of us here. To attend to the basic, daily workload, and let people visit more days of the week, there would need to be ten of us! In order to grow fantastic food and assist our Shadowood gardeners, we need to limit our public hours. We appreciate your patience and your willingness to understand our unique business situation.

Questions: The website says your garden spaces are full for the season. Can you put me on a waiting list?

Answer: Yes, but in order to be placed on our waiting list, you need to commit to attending our various “How To Garden” Workshops, which start in mid-September. This way, if a space does open up mid-season, you’ll be prepared to jump right in! Also, if a space doesn’t open up, you’ll have a good foundation for starting patio pots or constructing a bed at your home. 

Question: I grow food at home and have some problems, can you answer questions for me?

Answer: Absolutely. Attend our various “How To” garden workshops for super detailed, hands on instruction. Our fall workshop schedule is posted on our website by August 1st of each year. Most workshops are held twice in the same week, once on a weekday and once on a weekend. Home Gardeners are also welcome to attend one of our “Monthly Garden Walk Through” learning sessions. These happen November through April, on the first Tuesday and first Saturday of each month at 10AM. Visit our LEARNING page for more info and registration.

Question: Can you come to my property and tell me what to do?

Answer: Sorry, but no. We are a two person operation and there just aren’t enough hours in the day for us to fulfill our daily responsibilities. But- we are happy to share what we’ve learned with you, here at the farm. The public is welcome to attend our various fee based “How To Garden" Workshops, as well as our monthly garden walk through meetings. Check out our LEARNING or calendar pages and register in advance for these great learning opportunities.

Question: I started a vegetable garden this summer and it’s not doing well. Can you help me out?

Answer: Yep. We don't try to grow most annual vegetables during the summer in this part of Florida. If you started an annual vegetable garden after March, there’s no way it would do really well. The prime growing months for annual vegetables are from mid-September through April/May. We repeat: Very few annual vegetables grow well during the summer months in South Florida. Start your garden in late September or October and you’ll be amazed at how well things will do!

Question: Are you guys Certified Organic?

Answer: We're working on it. Our growing practices currently meet and in some cases exceed the standards for organic growers approved by the USDA. Not only are we happy to share our growing records with you, we have active witnesses! Our Shadowood Gardeners and volunteers can also fill you in on what is and isn’t allowed to be used here.

Question: I need a job and this sounds like a fun place to work. Do you have any openings?

Answer: No. No one who works here gets paid any money. If you're willing to work for food, contact us.

Question: I want to start a community garden in my neighborhood/development. Can you tell me how to get started?

Answer: Absolutely! Fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page of our website and we’ll send you information that should give you a good “jumping off” point. 

Question (we get this one a lot!) : This sounds like such a great idea and I’d like to start a business like this where I live. Will you give me advice?

Answer: Sure. Here it is: We meet some really wonderful people and we eat VERY well.  BUT-If you are looking for a way to make money, don’t even think about doing this. We’ve struggled for 8 years, haven’t been able to take a paycheck yet, and because we refuse to raise our rates beyond what an average working family could afford, we are currently about $65,000 in debt… Someone once asked us, "Do you wanna make money or save the world?" Our reply, "We'd like to do both, but if we have to choose, doing our part to save the world seems more important."