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Growing Tomatoes & Plant Staking Workshop

Tired of buying tomatoes that have no flavor? Yes, we CAN grow delicious tomatoes in South Florida. But WAIT!!! Don't buy those tomato cages until you attend this workshop! Our Growing Tomatoes and Plant Staking Workshop is offered on Wednesday, October 24th and repeated on Saturday, October 27th. The workshops are exactly the same, so only register for the day that best fits your schedule. Most everybody loves tomatoes, but growing them in this part of Florida can be an interesting journey. This workshop will discuss various types of tomatoes and their care. We'll also have lots of "hands on" activities for the various ways you can best stake the climbing plants in your garden.

Make the plants in your garden easier to manage and save money on staking materials by attending this workshop! Note that all information shared at Shadowood Workshops is geared to those who wish to grow using organic practices. Advanced online registration is required at least 24 hours before the workshop. Visit our "Learning" page to register.